Driving forces…

Joel in his studio

Joel in his studio (May 2013)

The news of our beloved Jennifer Perlow’s departure has left many wondering what will happen to PS:Gallery, Columbia’s Mecca of the arts. As she settles in her new life in Denver, CO, the gallery will continue to represent the best of the best from our community and from outside. While we are all saddened by the void her absence will create, the gallery’s staff is assiduously working to keep the gallery open for the benefit of our community.

It is understandable to think of Jennifer Perlow as the face of the gallery but we would be mistaken to forget the wonderful and valuable staff of the gallery, personally trained by Jennifer.

Who is this staff? You have seen their faces but do you know their stories? You have chatted with them but what do they do? And if you have not, let me present them to you.

The staff’s eclectic expertise makes the gallery more than ready for the future. In addition to incorporating the business and artistic side of the arts, each contributes to the gallery in his or her own way.

The new face of the gallery, Joel Sager, is as much a part of PS as Jennifer. Undoubtedly, some people think the S in PS stands for Sager. A prolific artist, he has been the artist in residence since the first day providing more than 5 works at each new exhibit (that’s more than twenty a year). As one of the gallery’s curators, his duties include always looking for the strongest and best works from individual artists. When choosing artwork, he tries to establish a balance of aesthetic continuity between artists. In addition, he also facilitates consultation and acquisition of artwork. When he is able to find time, his side work includes design of all mail, advertisement, press, newsletter, and public relations marketing. As if that was not enough, he is currently leading all efforts to continue the work of his great mentor Jennifer Perlow.

Amy Meyer has always been around art. An accomplished artist herself (she was recently featured at the Columbia Art League), she has shared her love for the arts with many over the years as Education Director for the Columbia Art League and teacher. She started out as an intern at the gallery in 2006 and in 2011. Unwilling to do without with her talent, Jennifer hired her as the Associate Curator at PS:Gallery. Her duties range from choosing artists and hanging their artwork to the very important business side of running a gallery.

Jonny Pez is a visual artist. Since receiving his BFA in 2005, he has worked in interactive web design/programming, photo retouching, and post-production video. In addition to teaching college level courses and workshops, Jonny currently focuses on motion design, projection mapping, and interactive video installations. You may have seen one of his projects at the last TEDxCOMO. To the gallery, he is the ‘new media’ guy.

As for the humble writer of this blog, my education has always provided me with theoretical side of the arts. Working at the gallery has allowed me to put my ideas in practice and focus on other equally important facets of the arts. Since the very first exhibit, I have taken up a larger role within the gallery and my duties have ranged from running day-to-day operations, selling works, hanging shows, promoting the gallery, providing input on upcoming events…

The gallery and its staff have humbly served the community, its other driving force, for many years and hopes to continue to do so for many more years. Join us in our efforts to continue bringing some of the most amazing artists from Columbia, Missouri and the rest of the United States!

Written by Antoine M.


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