Supporting the arts: what have you done lately?

ImageI have spoken often in the past six years about how you can support the arts.  I have posted articles.  I have prodded.  I have led by example (or at least I think I have).  And often many have responded.  We have certainly seen a growth in the arts and that can only come from an increase in support.  Fortunately, we have a core of amazing people who do an incredible job of supporting the arts.  This blog is not for them.  This blog is for you.

What have you done to support the arts lately?  What have your purchased from a local artist this month?  What play/musical event/dance have you seen this week?  What local not for profit arts organization have you donated to?

Why now? You may ask, why is she pestering us now?  Sunday, September 30th 2012, I attended “The Robots are Coming” at Rag Tag Cinema.  The evening was the unveiling of Lumen, an amazing robot built for Rag Tag by local artist Greg Orloff.  The real reason for the event (and the robot) is to raise awareness and funds for a digital projector system for the theater.  Long story short, because of the way movies will be released as of January 2013, if Rag Tag does not convert it’s systems to digital, we will not be able to see all the great movies we want to.  Total costs of conversion?  Lets just say $80,000.  At least that is what they are trying to raise via a Kickstarter campaign.

Again, to the point Jennifer….  So the evening of the Robot event, someone turns to me and says “This should not be difficult, if everyone gave something, then we could raise this money in no time”.  She was right.  It should not be difficult.  But it is.  I don’t know why.  I don’t know if people feel they are asked to give at every turn so they run away.  Maybe people feel like they don’t have enough to give.  Maybe people don’t care.  Maybe they just don’t know the need.  I choose to believe the last.  I choose to believe that you just didn’t know the need.

Rag Tag Cinema needs to upgrade it’s projector system to digital by January 2013.  They need to raise $80,000 to make this possible.  You can help.  If you can give $5, that helps.  If you can give $100, that helps more.  If you can give $5000, that helps an enormous amount.  Please go to their Kickstarter page to donate.

I would love to say that this is the last organization that will be in need.  It won’t.  But keep in mind all the the Arts community gives back.  It makes Columbia better.  It makes us happier, smarter, wiser, and better looking (ok,maybe not better looking).  It provides an opportunity to express who we are.  It flavors our lives.  So please support the arts.  Please allow all of us to keep doing what we love.  Please help Rag Tag keep on bringing amazing film to Columbia.  Thank you!


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