The Artist is Present

An artist that has come up in conversation over the past month, from both fellow art-makers and local movie-goers, is that of Marina Abramovic. As perhaps one of the most influential artists in the realm of performance  and conceptual art for the past three decades, her work inspires and unites fine artists, those interested in the social interaction of cultures, and intellects across the board. She is interested in giving the audience control, allowing them to be main players in performance, and at (most) times, giving them the power to harm her.   

Her work focuses on the human condition, exploring our levels of comfort with ourselves, our  movites for decision-making, and what it is to have a human body in time. She is interested in exploring and pushing  the limits of our physical bodies and mind, usually involving self-mutilation and pain, in order to throw in question the viewers’ level of comfort. Her performances invite viewers to interact with her body and question their reasons for wanting to do so.  Discomfort becomes a device for interaction and primer for deep self- analyzation.

She is in fact one of my favorite artists, for her work makes people question the role of art in society at large and for us personally.   She has gained recent hub in Columbia town due to her appearance in the True/False Film Festival. Come watch a documentary about her work and influence:

Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present
Dir. Matthew Akers; 2011; 105 min.
Friday, Mar 2 / 12:00PM / Forrest Theater
Saturday, Mar 3 / 3:00PM / Missouri Theatre
Sunday, Mar 4 / 5:30PM / The Blue Note
In Person: director Matthew Akers
This blog post was written by PS:Gallery intern and local artists Leah Bowring

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