C.A.R.E. Gallery in the new P.S. Hallery

P.S.:Gallery is a bridge between art and the community.  Yes, we find art we believe in, and we offer it to you.  But the bridge works two ways, and we also provide the community with a space for its own expression.  

Our Broadway location had the Alcove, where we featured special shows for community organizations and individuals.  In our new home, we have translated that tradition into the Hallery—located, as the name suggests, in the hall adjacent to the main gallery.

We are honored to break in the new walls with the C.A.R.E. Gallery show, comprised of work from talented young artists.  The show is part of Career Awareness Related Experience, which is a Columbia City program that connects teenagers (ages fourteen to eighteen) with professionals in their area of interest, and pays the participants for their work as they develop new skills. 

The colorful fruits of their labor have infused PS: with fresh energy.  The hall is brimming with quirky ceramics, fiber work, combines, and oil paintings.  There are still some pieces available for sale, as a fund-raiser for the program.

The opening on August 2nd was a smash hit, and gave budding artists a wide and appreciative audience.   The success of these young people has been a joyful thing for us to witness.  Come see the exhibition while you can, before we must part with the art on August 28th.



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