High Summer at the Gallery

Memories of Grecian beaches sweetly fading, I return to business here at PS.  Earlier this week, we finished arranging the summer exhibit.  I think it’s perfect for July, but come see for yourself–now or at the opening on July 16th. (Or both.)

When you walk in the door, you are greeted by the tropical colors of oil paintings by Brian D. Smith.  These intuitive, abstract paintings transition into Bob Maes’ mixed media pieces, which are more structured but no less bold.  Maes has a gift for transforming humble materials (washers, aluminum foil, paper bags) into iconic objects.  These give way to Rob Williams’ glossy, abstractly floral canvases, which round out what I think of as the “loud and proud” part of the show.

The other half of the exhibit is composed of subtler gems, including the glasswork of Columbia artist Susan Taylor Glasgow.  Her pieces comment on feminine domesticity by using beautiful but brittle glass to represent baked goods and ladies’ undergarments.  Our front window is filled with her inedible, tempting creations.

Alongside this is the minutely detailed fiber work of Mary Beth Yates.  These creations of embroidered silk organza evoke life at the cellular level, and hold the layers of the artist’s experience in their textured layers.

Finally, there is the latest from our own Joel Sager: a set of portraits with a delicate palette of blues and pinks.  The subjects’ faces are expressive but restrained, and seem vulnerable.   The understated series leaves the viewer contemplating the unplumbed depths behind the faces framed in uniform blonde wood.

And, if all of this sounds great… but you really want something shiny to round out your outfit, we have that too.  This week, we received jewelry from new-to-PS artist Alley Maranto, of Chicago.  The collection (pictured) is called Relicware, and features amulets created from small objects (a horse nail, a sea horse, fan coral, watch gears) set against a gold background and cast in resin.  These pieces range from moderate pendants to a striking cluster of pearls and charms.  They all seem to have a little magic in them.  Try them on.  (I do.)

The opening (Saturday, July 16, 6-9) promises to be a great party.  See you there!


Okay, one more picture:


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