A birthday blog for Diana Moxon

I can’t actually remember how or, for that matter, when I first met Diana Moxon.  I know it was about 4 years ago ish.  I do remember early in her new post as the Director of the Columbia Art League, pledging to support one another and to do whatever it took to further the arts in Columbia.  Looking back now, I know I had no idea how influential that pact would be.

Let me start by saying that Diana is a force to be reckoned with.  She has done an amazing job of growing the Columbia Art League and it was not an easy task. She has strengthened the organization and its primary fund raiser “Art in the Park” at a time when other organizations and festivals were closing their doors or scaling back their efforts.  She has strengthened the connection to the artists and brought the community at large into the fold at the Art League.  She has put people in place to grow the educational component of the Art League.  This element, in and of itself touches the lives of so many people in our community.  Oh yes, let’s not forget the art.  Diana has consistently raised the bar when it comes to the shows at the Art League.  Over the last few years the quality of the show, and the work in the shows has grown at an amazing pace.  I think she has made the Art League a place where you want to show your work, and you want to show your best work.  Balancing everything you have to balance at a not for profit member organization is never easy.  I think Diana does this well and with grace (most of the time….).

On top of what Diana has done for the Art League, I must talk about what Diana has done for the arts community.  Oh heck, let me just talk about what she has done to support me and PS:Gallery in particular.  Diana and I share many personality attributes.  That is both good and bad, but it is what it is.  She has been a sounding board, a shoulder to cry on, a backbone to borrow, a friend, a colleague, and an ever present supporter.  Unless the sky is falling, she and Tom (her ever faithful husband) are at our events.  When I go to her house, I see pieces she has purchased from my gallery in her house.  I also see pieces that she has purchased from other art venues across town.   She is a person of conviction.  She practices every word that she preaches and she preaches without tire.  I feel fortunate to call Diana my friend.  I value all of the support both personally and professionally provides.  I hope we get to walk arm in arm furthering the arts in Columbia for a very long time.

Happy Birthday Bunny Girl!

Love Jennifer.


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