The question of the day

Many of you may know, or heard through the grapevine, this week the building in which we lease space, was sold.  The new owners have announced their intentions to open a new business in the space.  This leads to the question of the day: “What are you going to do ?”  The short answer to this question is we don’t know…….yet.

The long answer to this question is we are exploring many options but at this moment have not made a decision regarding the future location of the gallery.  We are gathering information, looking at new spaces and talking to people about the costs that would be involved with moving and relocating.  We are digesting all of this information and will make a decision in the near future.  We do know this for certain.  As of February 28, 2011 PS:Gallery will no longer be at 812 E. Broadway.  We don’t know where we will be, but we do know we won’t be here.  Until then the show must go on.  We hung a new show in the Alcove this week and the work is amazing.  We will be hosting a reception for Nancy Brown on September 9th from 6-8pm.  We are also hosting the 2nd Annual Take a Sip for Second Chance event on September 17th.  This is an incredible event with wine tastings and food from Sycamore.  End of this month the Summer 2010 exhibit will end and the Autumn 2010 exhibit will open on Sept 30th.  The opening reception for the next show is October 2nd from 6-9pm.  The following weekend is the Artrageous Weekend.  Details about all of these events can be found in our latest newsletter.

So despite the uncertainty, there are many good things to look forward to.  We will keep our community informed of our future.  As soon as we know what is going to happen we will let you know. In the mean time, feel free to buy art.

Jennifer Perlow


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