This quarter’s ARTicle, It’s Not Dry Yet, first appeared in the Times March 26th and is written by one of my favorite art critics and commentators, Roberta Smith.  Roberta (yes, I feel as though we’re on a first name basis by way of our frequent rendezvous via Art Review and a strongly brewed Arabica) has the ability, unlike most critics, to make visual art accessible with the written word to common folk like myself.  Don’t be fooled by her dumbing down an historically esoteric literary arts, though.  She’s been known on occasion to either spark an artist’s reputation or crush their expressive soul with the stroke of a pen, having an enormously keen eye for “fluff” and editing in regards to contemporary art.  Now, at this point, I must admit to the thinly veiled and smug self-satisfaction with which this is posted, seeing as Roberta Smith’s article is an affirmation not only in my philosophy of painting, but of all art in general appreciated by yours truly.  It’s no easy thing to be an artist and proponent of representational work in such a decor-friendly, interior design driven art climate, quick to fling New York School rip-offs on the highest bidder’s wall.  What I love about It’s Not Dry Yet is the inclusive context in which Smith puts new representational art, giving credit where credit is due (even to those pesky Abstract Expressionists) defining, in my opinion, post-modernism as the paradox of absolute rejection and absolute assimilation.  I hope you enjoy!


-Joel Sager


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