Kahn and Selesnick: Eisbergfreistadt

My wife and I went gallery hopping with friends in Denver last march.  Maybe it was the blizzard out of nowhere and subsequent two feet of snow that smacked the happiness out of the community’s disposition, but we were disappointed, overall, with the uninspired state of things in Colorado’s art mecca.  There was a smattering of “good” work (whatever that means, here I use it unenthusiastically) in the galleries along Santa Fe Ave.  It was pleasing artwork, but all resolved with decorative aesthetic, or modern asymmetry, or post-modern ambiguity.  Anyways, shortly after an exchange of airing  grievances, we made our way downtown to Wazee, where we ate a healthy portion of crow by way of a collaborative duo named Kahn and Selesnick exhibiting at the Robischon.  Wash U graduates, Richard Selesnick and Nicholas Kahn utilize their degree in photography to the nth degree.  Constructing semi-fictitious worlds (and I really mean “worlds”, from bank notes to “period” costumes), the artists shoot panoramic tableaux vivants that transport the viewer to an alternate time, place, and reality.  I left with a different perspective on modern art, which is, I think, what great art does.  Enclosed is the LA Times review for the same exhibit when it was shown at Kopeikin in LA.  The artists’ website, which I’ve also enclosed, is almost equally enthralling, as you can experience each of their various projects in interactive detail.

-Joel Sager




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