The Price of Art (continued)

There is a long time value to art. Most people will replace their house every ten years or so, their car every five years, their wardrobe every year, but an investment in an original piece of art will be with you forever and often handed down to future generations. The beauty of it is, unlike those stocks and bonds that float around in cyberspace, you get to enjoy your art investment everyday. Now, I would never sell a piece of art as a financial investment. Art generally goes up in value, but that’s not the reason to invest in art. The true investment is in your own personal aesthetic. Whether the art sparks a memory, stirs an emotion, or you just love the way it makes the room, the investment is in your own personal surrounding. Try hanging your stock certificate on the wall and getting that kind of reaction.

True, original art come with a price tag. You can read Jennifer’s post below to see what goes into pricing original art. In addition to all of those reasons, keep in mind the rarity. Like a Mickey Mantle baseball card and the Hope Diamond, when you buy an original piece of art, you are the only person in the world with it. You can’t say that about your shoes or your car. I think there is something very special about knowing your investment in art is uniquely your own.

So keep in mind the next time you toss your cell phone for the latest model or put your shoes in a plastic bag because their out of style, remember for a small monthly investment, you too could own original art. While savings for retirement and college for the kids is very important, so is making an investment in your own aesthetic.



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