Writing on the Wall- The Sculptures of Chris Teeter
By Joel Sager
Nostalgia is a privilege. A nature exclusive to humankind, it is fundamentally an ability to tie emotions to that which has been seen, heard, or touched. It is personal, giving individual pasts an emotional context, yet simultaneously mutual in its ability to evoke shared experiences and feelings. Nostalgia is as ambiguous and vast as the mind that conceives of it; but also as particular as the seemingly mundane object or sound to which the mind attributes the phenomena. Nostalgia is memory with addendums of sentiment and pining, and is, indeed, a privilege.
Looking at the new sculptures by Chris Teeter, currently on exhibit at Perlow-Stevens Gallery, one is immediately taken with nostalgia. Each piece is a vague memory notably carrying with it chuckles, intrigue, and melancholy, and rendered in the assemblage of found objects (most of antiquity), hand-finished natural woods, and late Dubuffet-esque graphite drawings on panel. With the body of work at large being absent of representation, the found objects (typewriter parts, rusted out motors, cast iron doodads and whatchamacallits) draw in the viewer with their sense of familiarity and mood. In a number of the artist’s pieces, the objects are held together literally and compositionally by Teeter’s intricately constructed wooden platforms evoking a sense of Eastern cleanliness of line and dynamic warmth. Consistent throughout the artist’s oeuvre, though, is his undying attention to and elevation of the graphite abstractions. Framed within their setting of natural woods and flea market gadgetry, they take on the likeness of old tube (CRT) televisions airing a familiar static after late night broadcasting. When one stares long enough, an image begins to form, but quickly dissipates. This brink of representation married so flawlessly with Teeter’s engineered narrative through found objects is general enough to trigger memory, but vague enough to allow personal nostalgia to finish the story: a unique attribute making, in my opinion, this work to be the most significant sculpture to be shown in this space. Chris Teeter’s work is on display at the Perlow-Stevens Gallery 2009 Summer Exhibit which runs July 1st through September 27th. The reception will be held July 11th, 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. with the artist in attendance.


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  1. 1 PS:Gallery
    July 8, 2009 at 2:22 pm

    Well written Joel. I agree whole heartedly.

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