A note from Uncle Mike

Our first guest blog, comes from a dear friend who jokingly said “I want to be your first guest blogger”. I don’t think he realized I would hold him to is word. The following is from Mike Radzin, or as my kids call him “Uncle Mike”. Thanks Mike.

I’d like to start this posting with a disclaimer – I am, by no means, what you’d call an art devotee. Here’s a quick true story to illustrate this (you can ask my mom about this one if you feel the need to verify it) – as a kid I was dragged kicking and screaming INTO the Art Institute of Chicago on a class field trip. If you happened to be there when Mrs. Keil’s fourth grade class from South Park Elementary School was there, I was the kid sitting on the bench sulking about being forced to “waste time” in one of the world’s truly great art museums. I think I still owe Mrs. Keil an apology for that by the way.

That’s not to say that I don’t have an appreciation for art at this point in my life, but I’ve generally always equated the cost of a nice piece to something else I felt I wanted a bit more. On multiple occasions, I’ve been standing in front of a piece and said to myself “Why would I spend the money on this when I could have a new plasma TV or make an extra mortgage payment?” I consider myself to be practical and I guess I just prioritize things a little differently than a traditional “art aficionado.”

So I when I read Jennifer’s announcement that the Gallery would have its own blog and there would be a guest spot, I jokingly wrote back that I would like to write something. Wouldn’t you know it, she took me up on it and so here we are. Being a close friend of Chris and Jennifer is one of the truly great things in my life and their decision to open the gallery has exposed me to all the really positive things that art can bring once you open yourself up to it. They’ve put together a place that welcomes people like me and doesn’t ridicule me for not owning a collection. I’ve been to more art shows and seen more styles of different works of art in the last couple of years than I ever thought I would in my entire life. While I liked a lot of what I saw, there was a lot I just didn’t get. I’ve learned that’s the whole point of the gallery – offer up a number of interesting options and let me decide for myself.

I’ve recently took the plunge and made my first purchase of original art (at PS: Gallery of course) and I’m really happy about it. I went with a photograph that caught my eye during a recent show. I surprise myself at how often I find myself looking at it. Its no plasma TV, but I love it nonetheless.

This makes me very proud, and lets me know I am doing something right.



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